Yamagutsu Chapter 02


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Shima Shima Chapter 06

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☆゚+.☆゚+.☆゚+.☆゚+.The real Story behind the NST☆゚+.☆゚+.☆゚+.☆゚+.

A course of many years hath verily pass with brothers being left unable to understand one another as their language is merely the equivalent of gibberish towards one another. This prompted a rush ofmany arrogant fame seeking fools lusting for glory to band together with a single shared purpose amongst them. Translate a manga.

Although many came anxiously and awaiting the opportunity to reap the plentiful bounties of ad revenue, bragging rights, and internet status - slowly, they were all defeated in packs.

Little did they expect the horrors awaiting them as they were slaughtered mercilessly. Few even went so far as to battle amongst themselves over territory, passage of right, and even insolent jealously between themselves.

The remaining heroic few whom came not seeking glory, yet wisdom, were also defeated by the satanic forces of copyright which outnumbered them wholly in arms, and men - yet not in heart.

Unfortunately, even the greatest of these sole few remaining could not withstand the hellish fire of the dragon Kodansha. The ones having met prominence through their bravery were met with ten times more in their demise.

Decades later during an age of modern warfare - an age where many have lost the values of the craft, with many more phased out in their conquest. Rogues from far and wide spread message and allied together to form a faction strengthily backed by bonds of dedication. Their numbers started small and stayed as such, yet their arsenal was massive, and they took not for granted what was bestowed upon.

The name of this modest group resonated across the lands becoming legendary as they came bearing gifts for all. From that moment it was decided they will be known as... North Asian Tactical Scanning Unit. Natsu Scans.

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Natsu Scans is a not-for-profit, medium-to-high quality (depending on the manga) scanlation group.We work on mangas that are of interest to us - be it shoujo, josei, shonen, seinen, but no perverted stuff like hentai, yaoi, or yuri (with the exception of the Harlequins). 
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