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Kanon 7.2

A venture between Natsuyume and SeventhStyle - [NatsuScans] presents Kanon Ch7.2 of the manga in English. The first release of many more to come from NatsuScans.
One day a 23-year-old Japanese musician travels to Mongolia in order to get inspirations for writing a piece of music. There he meets Kanon whose mother runs the "Hotel Kanon" in the desert. Kanon grew up in Mongolia, does not know who her father is and takes him for dead as her mother told her so. Then Kanon's mother who fell from a horse dies of injury. Before her death, she tells her daughter that she came to Mongolia because she could not stay in Japan as she had an affair with Kanon's father, a musician, who is actually still alive, and she asks Kanon to find him in Japan by becoming a violin virtuosso, but dies before telling her his name. Thus Kanon goes with the young man to Japan where she learns to become a musician in a music school run by Mikami, a handsome young man and worldwide very successful musician and conductor. Soon the younger sister of her mother gives her photos of three musicians, one of whom might be her father. Kanon's erring search for her father begins...

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